The Elucilium Project

Connecting you to sources of healing, knowledge and wisdom to unlocking your potenial and improving your experience of life.

Elucilium: Inspired by mycelium the unseen underground web of fungi, Elucilium is an network of wisdom, healing and connection that illuminates our lives. The name Elucilium combines elucidate and mycelium the merging of clarity and intricate networks, it recognises that human lives are complex interconected systems. Our aim is to improve lives by facilitating acess to the unique combination of tools, knowledge and agents of illumination that will bring light to your life.

What we do

Elucilium operates at three different levels

Non for Profit works – In service to our community Elucilium facilities events and establishes connections for those in our community who may be suffering financial hardship.

Personal Services – 1:1 coaching, and connection to our network of healers, wisdom keepers and practitioners.

Corporate Services – Serving organisations that truly value their employee’s health and wellbeing, Elucilium curates and packages event, and programmes unlocking the potential of individuals and teams.


Community and connection is where the magic happens. The Elucilium model fosters community through regular workshops and classes. We are focussed on in person community interconnection.


Central to the Elucilium methodologies is personal coaching. Our Coaches are all highly trained and experienced in advanced coaching methodologies. They will help you navigate the web of light


We all something special to assist us in our journey through life. Partners of Elucilium are Healing practicioners, instructors, teachers and philosophers that share the vision and ethic of Elucilium